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15Feb, 2023

Why leaving Stonewall is a con

Senior managers at the LSE and at UCL have unfortunately made the decision to leave Stonewall without understanding the broader context of either the current political climate for LGBTQ+ people, nor of the current political debate surrounding trans people[...]

8Feb, 2023

Protest against the LSE leaving Stonewall

Protests have become rare on the LSE campus in recent years, but it has a long history of direct action, from the 1969 LSE student riots that closed the LSE, to the birth of the Gay Liberation Front in[...]

2Feb, 2023

Memo on Academic Freedom and Stonewall

Stonewall is not a threat to academic freedom at the LSE or elsewhere, as philosopher and Spectrum Society committee member Bryan W Roberts explains. This memo is reprinted from the original post. The Senior Management Committee has recently announced that[...]

19Jan, 2023

The LSE official statement on leaving Stonewall, and its woes

The LSE Senior Management Committee (SMC) attempted to quietly disaffiliate from Stonewall in a message to its LGBTQ+ leadership on 8 December 2022, right before a School holiday and without formal consultation with the LGBTQ+ staff network, the LGBTQ+[...]

19Jan, 2023

LSE managers found Stonewall incompatible with ‘faith’

Soon after announcing the LSE's withdrawal from Stonewall, the School Management Committee (SMC) offered to have a Stonewall discussion with the LGBTQ+ leadership in the School. We have obtained a draft of the meeting minutes, in which the SMC[...]

8Dec, 2022

First LSE Email Communication on Leaving Stonewall

On 8 December 2022, the the LSE School Management Committee (SMC) sent the messages below to members of the LSE LGBTQ+ Steering Committee, which includes a mix of academics, staff, and members of the LSE Student Union, notifying them[...]

22Sep, 2022

Early warning from the LSE LGBTQ+ Steering Committee

The School Management Committee (SMC) at the LSE convenes an LGBTQ+ Steering Group, whose aim is to advise the SMC on matters related to the LGBTQ+ community. Members of this group began to suspect in the Summer of 2022[...]

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