Rejoin Stonewall banner dropped from LSE Centre Building during London Pride

Published On: July 1st, 2023

During a 2023 Pride Party in the LSE Center Building, a group of activists dropped a banner that read “LSE Rejoin Stonewall”. The LSE publicly announced its disaffiliation from Stonewall in January 2023.

We have obtained video footage of the banner drop below, which took place on 1 July 2023 at approximately 1pm.

The hand-painted banner was dropped from the sixth floor of Center Building outside CBG Plaza, and appears to have been at least 10 metres in height.

Following the banner-drop, participants in the Pride Party were invited to march in the 2023 London Pride march, the largest pride march in the UK with nearly 1.5 million participants.

They donned matching shirts that said “Rejoin Stonewall”, brought out the banner from the original Rejoin Stonewall protest, and made Pride a protest about the LSE’s decision to withdraw from the Stonewall charity.

Photos of the LSE participation in London Pride 2023 have been forwarded to us by a participant in the march.