Coordinated attack on LGBTQ+ rights at LSE: A timeline

Published On: October 17th, 2023

There have been coordinated rollbacks on LGBTQ+ rights at the London School of Economics in the last last year, with the attack focusing on trans rights.

The rollbacks began when a small group of senior professors with anti-trans views successfully lobbied the LSE School Management Committee to pause and then disaffiliate from the Stonewall charity in 2022 because of its LGBTQ+ agenda. This led to a twitter mob attack on the School’s LGBTQ+ staff network Spectrum, ongoing dismantling of LGBTQ+ protections in School policy, and group of LSE staff with trans-critical views masquerading as an “Academic Freedom” group.

To help spread awareness about the problem, current and former members of the LSE community are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this information and share it widely. Key events are summarised in the timeline below, includeing links to further details.

Information about how to support the effort to combat this attack is available on the Rejoin Stonewall join page.

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