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In 2023 there has been a coordinated attack on LGBTQ+ rights at the LSE. The most important thing you can do to help out is to familiarise yourself with this information, and to share this information widely.

Advertising is difficult at the LSE, where Departments are structured in a relatively insular and siloed way, and things often get lost between the cracks. If you’re willing to help get the word out, think about your networks:

  • Are you a member of a Society or Staff Network?
  • Do you participate in a formal committee like an EDI committee or a Staff-Student Liaison Committee?
  • Are you in contact with a Head of Department, a Centre Director, or a Project Lead?
  • Do you have access posting on a prominent online or social media platform?
  • Are you able and willing to discuss these things with your friends, peers, or colleagues?

We recommend you start by sharing the timeline of events with them. This alone will enormously help to spread information about the situation.

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The Activist Group

Queer Activists and Allies meet every first Thursday of the month during term in a discreet location on campus. There are no expectations: you can come quietly check us out, or decide to get actively involved. It’s up to you!

The LSE’s decision to leave Stonewall has set a trend of anti-LGBTQ+ policy-making at the LSE that this group aims to reverse. Come to the meetings to help us do it. Some things you can do at the meetings:

  • Learn the latest policy changes regarding LGBTQ+ issues at the LSE.
  • Discover new ways to fight for your rights on campus.
  • Meet other LGBTQ+ activists amongst the students, staff and faculty at the LSE.
  • Bring your own ideas/concerns about LGBTQ+ issues on campus.
  • Make a positive difference for LGBTQ+ people at the LSE.

We love our trans siblings and these meetings are a trans-celebratory LGBTQ+ space. All LSE people who come with respect are welcome.

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